The PEMA Student Challenge returned in 2022
23 Sep 2022

The PEMA Student Challenge returned in 2022

The PEMA Student Challenge returned in 2022 having been renamed in honour of the late PEMA President Ottonel Popseco who sadly passed away last year. Now called The Ottonel Popesco Student Challenge by PEMA, 2022 marked the 8th year milestone of the challenge.

This year’s challenge posed the open question of major significance at this time in the Port and Terminal industry – “Ways to reduce Energy Consumption in Ports and Terminals”

Univeridad del Norte, Columbia (represented by Dariela Castro, Lorena Gutierrez, Augusto Pineres, and Jose Bonifacio – Under the guidance of Adriana Milena Moros Daza and Rene Amaya Mier) emerged victorious with their presentation on “The Future Concept of Self-Sustainable Ports – PORTZERO” which focussed on alternative solutions to reduce energy consumption.

The winning students were presented their certificates and prize at the Universidad del Norte, Columbia on September 15th, 2022 with PEMA representative Timo Martin. 

We would like to thank all 6 University teams that took part in this years’ challenge and for their bright and powerful ideas as well as all the judges.

List of 2022 participating Universities:

  1. Universidad del Norte, Columbia (Winners)
  2. University of Hamburg (Runner Up)
  3. Hamburg University of Technology (Runner Up)
  4. Hamburg University of Technology, Team 2
  5. University of Bolton 
  6. University of Bolton, Team 2