Who Can Join PEMA?

Full membership of PEMA is open to companies in the following sectors:

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of port and terminal equipment
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment components and attachments
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of hardware, software and systems technology that controls or interfaces with port and terminal equipment
  • Providers of consultancy services in the fields of port and terminal equipment design, specification and operations
  • Associate members – Industry Conference Events Organisers and Media Partners

Why should my company become a PEMA member?

By joining PEMA, you gain access to a unique forum for exchanging views on emerging trends and demands for port equipment and technology, including the chance to meet and build relations with industry colleagues at formal and informal gatherings.

PEMA represents a powerful public voice for our industry worldwide, as well as a platform from which to influence future legislation, policy and standards that will impact our business. As a member, you can help accomplish this mission and make a real difference to the standing and profile of our industry.

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How to apply for membership?

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