PEMA Brand Engagement and Sponsorship Opportunities

As a brand partner or sponsor, you can help us accomplish this mission and make a real difference to the standing and profile of our industry.  PEMA Meetings, through our 125+ global members, bring together the key stakeholders of our industry, all under one roof. This is a huge opportunity for you as a brand partner/sponsor to be at the forefront of building and enhancing relations with other key industry associates by engaging with one of our many networking events.  Your company will also be highlighted to PEMA’s global industry audience through media and press mentions, social media promotion, inclusion on our website and other digital communication activities.

Members can support upcoming PEMA Meetings through various brand engagement and sponsorship opportunities. PEMA warmly welcomes and appreciates contributions of any numeration and this document outlines the options and procedures for Members looking to support the meeting.

Our mission is to support our industry and the world maritime trade by reflecting the critical role in enabling safe, secure, sustainable and productive ports. One of our chief aims is to foster good relations within the communities we represent, by providing a forum for the exchange of views on global trends in port equipment and technology design, manufacture, operation and maintenance.

PEMA also aims to promote and support the global role of port equipment and technology by raising awareness with the media, customers and other stakeholders; forging relations with other industry associations and bodies; and contributing to best practice initiatives

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Please contact us with any queries in relation to sponsoring a PEMA event.