PEMA welcomes 2 new members – AXS INGENIERIE and Rocktree Consulting
13 Aug 2019

PEMA welcomes 2 new members – AXS INGENIERIE and Rocktree Consulting


  • Member Profile: AXS INGENIERIE

Created in 2001, AXS INGENIERIE is an engineering office specialising in the calculation and expertise of heavy lifting and handling tools and/or in a complex universe (foundry, nuclear, aerospace,…).

Our expertise relies on various skills in design, mechanical, structural, stress validation, automation-controls, manufacturing, assembling and commissioning. The previous experiences of our team gained in harbor and special crane manufacturer, allow us to provide our customer with high level expertise in design, analysis, operating, remnant life assessment  of such specific equipments. This «Manufacturer » extpertise is the major differentiation criteria of AXS INGENIERIE.


  • Member Profile: Rocktree Consulting

Rocktree is a leading provider of marine dry-bulk cargo handling and delivery solutions. Since incorporation in 2007, the Company has established itself as a market leader in the dry-bulk transshipment industry, servicing international traders, miners and end users with a strong focus on providing innovative solutions.

The evolving nature of both sources and demand centers for dry-bulk commodities has created opportunities throughout the global supply chain. But seizing these opportunities often depends on overcoming unique challenges and pushing boundaries to meet regulations, surpass infrastructure limitations and understand commercial drivers. That’s where Rocktree can assist – the Company’s unique combination of market know-how, specialist equipment and industry-leading standards results in logical, reliable and cost-effective solutions, unlocking opportunities for its customers.

“We are delighted to welcome AXS INGENIERIE and Rocktree Consulting as our latest members,” said Mr Ottonel Popesco, President of PEMA on behalf of the board of Directors. “Today, with 115 member companies, PEMA has solidified itself as a trusted industry body representing all facets of port equipment and technology on a global scale. We are trying to reach out to new companies and expand our voice on the global platform.We look forward to working alongside our old and new members. Thank you for the trust you put in us.“

About PEMA

Founded in 2004, PEMA provides a forum and public voice for the global port equipment and technology sectors. The Association has seen strong growth in recent years, and now has 110 member companies representing all facets of the industry, including crane, equipment and component manufacturers, automation, software and technology providers, consultants and other experts.

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