23 Jun 2021

PEMA renames its Student Challenge in honour of the previous President Ottonel Popesco

The Board of Directors at PEMA – – the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association are renaming one of its core initiatives, the PEMA Student Challenge, in support of young, bright and prosperous minds to “PEMA Student Challenge – Ottonel Popesco”.

The change comes after the regrettable death of former PEMA President Mr Ottonel Popesco, who led the association for more than 13 years. PEMA would like to honour Mr Popesco by naming its student challenge after him. Mr Popesco was of immense influence for the initial idea and the development of PEMA into what it stands for today – the only forum and platform for exchange of views and ideas for the port equipment manufacturing industry.

The PEMA Student Challenge “Ottonel Popesco” provides a platform for students to explore solutions to a predetermined question/ query proposed by the Board of Directors. Usually, it is held on the last day of TOC Europe in front of a live audience and a judges panel who will determine which of the finalist teams will be crowned winner and take home not only the recognition of port operators and decision makers but also a financial award split between the team’s members. The student challenge remains the only initiative of its kind within the sector of port equipment manufacturing and provides an idea stage for students to showcase their creative and forward-thinking abilities.

With our growing member base and increasingly diverse range of activities, PEMA is better positioned than ever before to ensure that the young minds of tomorrow are heard by the influencers and decision makers of today.

“We consider it our duty and moral obligation not only to carry on his work and legacy at PEMA the best possible way, but also to make sure his name, achievements and determination is never forgotten” commented Mr Achim Dries, PEMA President and Chairman of the Board.