PEMA publishes last information paper for 2020 – RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CRANE RAIL SYSTEMS
29 Dec 2020

PEMA publishes last information paper for 2020 – RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CRANE RAIL SYSTEMS

This information paper provides guidance on the selection of rail systems for port cranes and the design of rail support infrastructure. It aims to help reduce problems and costs with rail systems in terms of installation, operation, and performance. 

This paper is intended to provide specifiers and purchasers of crane rail systems guidance and recommendations for the selection of state-of-the-art crane rail systems for large cranes. 

The goal of the paper is to improve the quality of rail installations and the resulting operation of rail mounted cranes. 

This document is one of a series of Information Papers developed by the Equipment Design and Infrastructure Committee (EDI) of the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA). The series is designed to provide those involved in port and terminal operations with advice on standards and their application to the design of port equipment, together with guidance on issues related to equipment design and equipment interfaces with port infrastructure. 

This document does not constitute professional advice, nor is it an exhaustive summary of the information available on the subject matter to which it refers. 

This paper is available for download on the PEMA website, under section Information Papers & Best Practices.



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