Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) is a famous heavy-duty equipment manufacturer and a state holding company listed on A and B shares in Shanghai Stock Exchange. The major shareholder is China Communication Construction Co., Ltd. (CCCC) which is one of top 500 companies in the world.

ZPMC is the largest heavy-duty equipment manufacturer in the world and owns 26 transportation ships of capacity between 60,000 DWT and 100,000 DWT, delivering products all over the world. The large port container cranes and ore/coal bulk material handling machinery are superb, sustainable and reliable, entering 76 countries and regions all over the world and occupying 75% of the world market share. ZPMC has the capacity to produce an annual output of one million tons of steel structure, particularly in producing single heavy-duty steel structures of up to 2,000 ton or more for Steel Girders/Beams, Wind Power Plant pedestal, Steel plant module, Power Plant and Port.

ZPMC is setting foot in environment-friendly equipment manufacturing, including wind power, sea water desalinization, sewage treatment and recycling equipment. Particularly, the steel structure for wind power, installing ship and erecting platform for wind power is making gratifying achievement.

ZPMC is an international cranes and heavy-duty products manufacturer with regional parts centers in America, Europe, Dubai, South Korea, Singapore, Istanbul. These provide high-quality parts and components for off-shore engineering equipment and cranes, such as windlass and mooring winch, dynamic positioning unit, tensioner for pipe-laying and anti-corrosive paint with a 20-year guarantee.