World Crane Services

World Crane Services was established in 2002 and offers third-party inspection services in the manufacture of new container handling equipment, as well as on-site inspection services for existing equipment. It provides quality inspection services designed to enhance the condition, performance and lifetime costs of operating mechanical handling equipment on the individual’s terminals.

Based in Dubai with a strong presence in China, WCS now has a reference list exceeding 185 STS cranes (including 41 Tandem), 218 RTGs, and 120 RMGs delivered to 30 different countries in all continents of the world; WCS is a genuine global player. Furthermore, the use of China as an economic manufacturing base assists WCS in providing specialist mechanical handling equipment and spare parts to the worldwide community with improved supply chain efficiency. WCS is committed to providing a world class level of service to their customers, with the mutual goal to continually improve the level of performance on each successive project.