Trent Global Services

The Trent Group was founded in 2016 with a rebellious objective – to deliver more than a century of international port terminal experience to a global clientele, anywhere, anytime, old, new, large or small.


Led, managed and operated by a team of internationally experienced, port operations people, the Trent Group has evolved to bring the best global standards, solutions and practices to quality-orientated port owners and decision-makers.

We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits and insights of our international experience, working with complementary partners who support our mission and values.


In the boardroom, on the berth or on the crane, ‘we have been there’ – and we’re committed to bettering the business and lives of our customers, port workers and their communities.


What Makes Us Different:


  • Our international port knowledge and experience
  • Our get-it-done network
  • Our strong partnership values – we go above and beyond paper-based contracts
  • Bringing demonstrable value to many aspects of port life