Tratos Cavi SpA

A supplier of specialist cables, Tratos Cavi works closely with customers to find better, more environmentally friendly solutions to their challenges.

Tratos has supplied cables for use in AMP systems to minimise emissions from ships in port, as well as cables for alternative energy, including TratosEolo for wind farms throughout Europe, and TratosIcarus for Solar instalations. Tratos has also developed cables with increased pulling tension, allowing easier electrification of diesel RTG cranes.

For many years, the company has worked on producing cables without halogens to provide protection both for people working with its cables and for the environment.
Since 1980, Tratos has been using clean renewable energy from its own hydroelectric plant. In 2001, the company started producing “TratosGreen”, a cable made using only hydroelectric energy.

Tratos was the first cable manufacturer to receive environmental approval from BASEC (BA2250:1996-2) and also has approval from UL, VDE, Lloyds Register (for cables inside ships), and GOST (approving sales in Russia).