INAMER, Industria Algecireña de Mecanizado y Reparaciones SL, a company dedicated to the manufacture of parts, assembly and disassembly of Port Machinery and complete lines, Machining of Parts, Industrial Maintenance 24/365, Welding Works, Metal Constructions, CNC Water Cutting and Manufacturing of own-patented Flexible Flippers.


Flexible and elastic element against impacts and overloads; and at the same time rigid against normal loads and shocks in service. Use of top quality materials. Armor and geometry re-engineered to achieve the right combination of stiffness in service plus cushioning and flexibility against impacts. Worldwide patented by INAMER.


Reduces the number of flippers to repair or renewed, either due to breakage or deformation.

Prevents damage to the machinery and structure of the spreader by cushioning the blows against the containers, the loads or vessel elements.

Decreases the number of downtime at operations and assistance of maintenance department.

Eases the control for operators and increases safety at handling operations.

Industria Algecireña de Mecanizado y Reparaciones