Hempel AS

Monitoring and support for long-term coating performance

With our Standard Coating Advisory services we conduct basic checks and provide support for core coating activities. As a result, you can expect lower repair costs and longer maintenance intervals.

Advice and support to lower your docking costs and increase long-term coating performance

With our Premium Coating Advisory service, a Hempel coating advisor is onsite during all the critical phases of your project, working with the shipyard and applicators to ensure all processes runs smoothly. The result? You reduce repair costs and get your vessel back in the water faster.

Full management of the coating process for lower total cost of ownership.

Our Project Management Service is designed specifically to give performance-driven and fuel-conscious owners and operators the optimum reduction in repair costs, repair time and fuel savings. A Hempel coating advisor manages your entire coating project, coordinating with all relevant parties to ensure every concern is addressed. You benefit from an optimised docking project and know that your hull coating will deliver maximum fuel savings throughout its entire service life.