FrigorTec GmbH

FrigorTec GmbH – Cooling to the point: The specialist in Industrial Air-Conditioning and Filtration Equipment.

With more than 50 years of experience FrigorTec is a market leader in industrial and process refrigeration, designed for severe duty application.

The CRANEFRIGORTM of FrigorTec is designed for conditioning crane cabins and crane electronics and is successfully listed in major Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Ports, Container Terminals and Petrochemical Plants and used from all major Crane manufacturers. FrigorTec Industrial Air-Conditioner secures the safety of the operators and provide the highest reliability for the crane automation. Controlling temperature, humidity and a perfect air distribution is significant for a perfect process in port and container terminals.

The CRANEFRIGORTM FrigorTec Smart Control with monitoring and remote operation capabilities are giving the user best values and flexibility. FrigorTec’s wide product range also includes our Cooling Units for the agriculture industry, for military applications, etc..

FrigorTec is committed to ISO9001 standards, to give protect the highest quality standards and the most efficient Service to our clients.

FrigorTec’s global distribution and service network in, over fifty countries, running reliable and successful operations in 80+ countries.

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