EMG Automation GmbH

EMG Automation GmbH has developed and manufactures drive systems for 70 years for industrial brakes for various industrial environments of low ambient temperatures up to very harsh environments. EMG provides its customers with uncompromising reliability coupled with intelligent innovation. EMG’s trademarked thrusters ELDRO® and ELHY® ensure a safe and “soft” braking in combination with modern drum- and disc brakes for the safety of people and machines during braking and in general average or interference situations, like power failure. As the neutral manufacturer of linear industrial drive systems the main application fields for EMG products are Ports, Steel and Metallurgy as well as Mining and Raw material extraction. Established in 1946 in Wenden, Germany, EMG, as part of the elexis Group, has more than 1.300 employees world-wide and covers the market with 25 subsidaries and more than 50 partners.