Certus Port Automation

Certus Port Automation is the newly merged company of HTS and DIS, respective leaders in their fields of OCR and image processing, software development and system integration. Certus is the leading port automation solution provider in the world going beyond port automation and includes IT networking, Security and Process Design in their solution portfolio.

Driven by ever-increasing needs for automation and security, our products serve as core technology enablers for automation of mission-critical, terminal and container handling operations. Our systems provide customers with the ability to monitor and control their operations, improve productivity and enhance automation and security by providing real-time data solutions that can only be achieved through automation. Our rich set of products allows our customers to improve their operational efficiency with a measurable and sustainable return on investment.

Certus solutions optimize port and terminal logistic and security processes through automation making them more efficient and cost effective. Through integrated and unified solutions, customers are better able to manage their environments via its proprietary centralized operating platform; PASS (Port Automation & Security System). Offering a more comprehensive solution, Certus addresses more customer needs through superior technology and professional services. The Company’s stability and innovation ensures that the market will have a trusted partner to address their needs today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Certus software suites integrated with our specialized hardware systems provides high-performance solutions which affords flexibility in meeting customer needs.

Certus Port Automation global headquarters are located near Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Company benefits from the contribution of over 35 people globally most of which serve in the development, manufacturing and integration areas. Certus also has offices and affiliates in the USA, Europe, Brazil and the Mid-East. Certus customers can be found in over 25 countries around the globe.

Certus’ core products and solutions are developed in-house and based on proprietary technology and software.