03 May 2011

Konecranes launches new products at Cemat 2011

03.05.2011 – Konecranes launched several new products and services at the CeMAT 2011 fair in Hannover, Germany. These include the TRUVIEW remote data monitoring system, the TRUCARE full service concept, and the XA aluminum light crane system with Air Balancer and Vertical Lifter devices. In addition, Konecranes presented new features in the CXT crane and the SMARTON® product family. Konecranes also presented a comprehensive range of new features for Konecranes heavy-duty fork lift trucks and reach stackers.

The TRUVIEW remote data monitoring and reporting service collects actual usage data from the crane through a remote connection. For the customer this means improved safety and higher efficiency as crane maintenance can be planned according to the crane’s actual usage and condition.

TRUCARE is a 5-year full service contract built around the TRUVIEW service. The costs are fixed and include basic maintenance activities and spare parts. Through TRUCARE the customer can focus on its core business since the cranes are taken care of by Konecranes.

The SMARTON® crane for demanding service applications and heavy process use was launched one year ago. Designed to maximize customer productivity and minimize total lifecycle costs, the SMARTON product family has now been extended with smart features, such as semi-automated load positioning.

The Konecranes CXT ranges from basic configuration to semi-automated cranes with lifting capacity ranging between 1 and 80 tons. The overall crane performance and load handling accuracy are improved through new features like adaptive and extended hoisting speed controls.

The Konecranes Air Balancer is used in processes requiring fast and smooth transfer movements with high precision. Using air pressure as the power source, the item being lifted seems practically weightless.

The Konecranes Vertical Lifter is a standard unit for manipulators with special gripping solutions. Thanks to its balancing mode, the handling of parts feels nearly weightless and frequently recurring manipulation procedures are performed easily, ergonomically, quickly and with high precision.

Konecranes’ XA aluminum hollow profiles are designed for lifting up to 2,000 kg. The 50 percent less rolling resistance compared to steel profiles, means a more efficient manufacturing process.

Konecranes heavy-duty fork lift trucks and reach stackers with a lifting capacity between 10 and 65 tons offer maximum efficiency, economy and safety in container and goods handling. Some of the latest new features are ECO-driving, a new control system offering fuel savings up to 40 percent; the NearGuard system alerting the driver to the danger of collision with pre-defined obstacles and the tire pressure monitoring and warning system.

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