01 Apr 2011

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS releases new features for its CTAS application

01.04.2011 – IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, the global leader in wireless sensor networks and a key provider of innovative solutions for the marine and intermodal market, announced today the latest release of its integrated terminal asset management system, CTAS 6.0.

Designed to manage and control equipment and containers as well as safeguard human lives in complex marine and intermodal terminal environments, the CTAS platform combines advanced software with multiple locating and telemetric technologies, including RFID, GPS and wireless sensors. The latest release features new modules for quay and rail crane RTLS and automated job stepping, plus enhanced fleet availability and scheduling capabilities.

“The new features of CTAS 6.0 provide the next level of optimization for terminals looking to achieve higher levels of productivity,” said Gerhard Schedler, President and CEO of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. “The strength of the update is in its multiple modules and deployment flexibility which enables customers complete control to expand their system as necessary.”

Originally launched in 1998 for container and equipment position determination (PDS), CTAS has since been developed to support a broad range of modules for process automation, fleet management and equipment, container and workforce control.  IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is committed to a structured release program that will see the introduction of additional advanced features and functionality on regular basis. As the first of these releases, Version 6.0 adds new features in three key areas.

The CTAS RFID-based, real-time locating system (RTLS) automatically identifies container handling equipment, such as terminal tractors and straddle carriers underneath quay and rail cranes and can match this information to containers being loaded or discharged.  Systems based on DGPS have typically struggled to track assets under these large cranes due to interference from massive steel structures. The use of RFID based RTLS, which is not susceptible to interference, allows for effective identification and location of mobile handling equipment. In combination with crane OCR, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ RTLS provides a powerful tool for total process automation while increasing the safety of operations.

Automated job stepping, or “automation”, enables the automatic advancement of job tasks assigned by the TOS (terminal operating system) to the operator of the terminal tractor or other piece of mobile handling equipment based on arrival in “geo-fenced” locations. Container handling equipment equipped with IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ GPS or RFID based RTLS locating technology allows CTAS to track  the exact location of equipment, then alert the TOS when the unit arrives at its assigned task destination location. The TOS can then automatically promote or “step” the next task for the operator. This feature eliminates the need for operators to confirm tasks by pushing the “F1” button on the radio data terminal in their cabs, thereby reducing data input errors and enhancing the efficiency of task assignment.

The enhanced Fleet Availability and Scheduling (FAS) module includes new graphical display of mobile handling equipment availability and supports more telemetric sensor input. The FAS module allows maintenance staff to graphically record and track the status of all equipment and enables operational staff to “see” the real availability of equipment for planning purposes.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS CTAS application is used by leading global and regional terminal operators including DP World, APM Terminals, Grup TCB and others.

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