22 Feb 2011

Gulftainer adds 20 new Terberg terminal tractors

22.02.2011 – Middle East terminal operator Gulftainer has enlarged its fleet of Terberg terminal tractors with 20 new vehicles. The new vehicles, including ten model Y222 and ten model Y182 machines,  were handed over to Gulftainer  Group Engineering Manager Terry Evans by Terberg Director George Terberg in October last year. Gulftainer has now put over 85 Terberg terminal tractors in use in the past twenty years. All of them are still in operation.

Gulftainer will use the new equipment for its operations at Sharjah Container Terminal (SCT) and Khorfakkan Container Terminal (KCT)  in the UAE Emirate of Sharjah. The new vehicles were purchased as an extension to the existing fleet, due to continually increasing throughputs at both facilities. They complement other recently delivered container handling equipment additions, including new STS cranes, RTGs and empty container handlers

All the previously delivered Terberg tractors remain in service because they have proved themselves to be reliable machines in severe operating conditions such as a desert climate. For the best cooling capacity, all Terberg vehicles are equipped with a large radiator by default.

The ten new Terberg YT 222s are in operation with Seacom MTS units (Multi Trailer System), while the ten new Terberg YT 182s are in operation with single trailers. A quantity of the Terberg YT 182s are also intended for the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr, where Gulftainer has been awarded the concession to develop and operate Berths 10 & 11 as The Iraq Container Terminal.

Gulftainer also operates in Umm Qasr’s Berth 8, Ruwais in Abu Dhabi, Comoros Islands, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Turkey and Kuwait. The company is actively pursuing diverse projects internationally, including new ventures in Brazil and Russia.

“Gulftainer and Terberg have enjoyed a long, close and mutually beneficial relationship where Terberg remains the exclusive supplier of terminal tractors to our United Arab Emirates operations,” says Group Engineering Manager Terry Evans. “Having been with the company for 13 years, I am responsible for all engineering and maintenance activities both in the United Arab Emirates and for international ventures. It’s my experience that the Terberg machines have proved to be reliable and dependable, particularly in the arduous summer periods of the Middle East. The after sales and technical support provided by Terberg, is second to none. Their competitive pricing and delivery for spares is very good.”

Adds Evans: “Gulftainer has a long-established policy of providing in-house engineering services, including equipment maintenance and servicing, engine/transmission overhauling, bodywork/corrosion/accident repairs. All are conducted by our in-house engineering team, which comprises mechanics, electronic/electrical technicians, welders, fabricators, machinists and AC technicians  –  in fact, virtually all the resources required to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance facility for the whole range of terminal equipment, including all the vehicles of Terberg.”

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