03 May 2011

Cargotec launches a heavy range of Kalmar forklifts

03.05.2011 – CeMAT 2011 sees the launch of a new range of Kalmar ‘F’-series heavy forklift trucks. Comprising four models with lift capacities spanning from 18 to 25 tonnes, the range promises cleaner engines with better fuel efficiency, a new hydraulic system, an ergonomic cabin and a state-of-the-art diagnostic system – all lowering the total cost of ownership.

The new Kalmar DCF180-250 models have been developed to meet the high levels of performance and reliability demanded by the global forklift market. The reliable and versatile new models are set to become the obvious choice for heavy-duty handling in a broad range of different industries and applications.

At the forefront of the new developments is Cargotec’s cutting edge, fully variable hydraulic system. The load sensing axial piston pumps only use as much pressure as needed for the specific load. With reduced pressures and temperatures, this significantly improves the reliability of the entire hydraulic system. Fuel consumption is also reduced with further savings on operating costs.

A Volvo TAD761VE with SCR-technology delivers a powerful 160kW at 2200rpm with torque of 1180Nm at 1200rpm. Despite this robust performance it complies with the stringent new Stage IIIB/ Tier 4i emission regulations. The drive train also incorporates a ZF 3WG-171 automatic gearbox as standard.

The F generation Spirit Delta cabin provides best-in-class driver comfort, safety and efficiency. Separately suspended and isolated, the cabin affords 360° visibility and boasts strategically placed working lights and ergonomically positioned controls all contributing to a fatigue-free and productive operator environment. Noise levels have also been reduced to 109dB(A) to comply with EU Directive EN2000/14/EC.

The new models feature a chassis that is designed to be resistant to turning forces yet enables reduced fuel consumption and minimal tyre wear. Rounded counterweights within a new engine hood design give excellent visibility to the rear and three lifting mast options are offered – duplex, duplex-free lift and triplex-free lift for maximum operational flexibility.

Proven componentry across the forklift design ensures reliability and efficient performance. This includes a larger radiator with an integrated condenser giving increased cooling capacity.

A final benefit is the excellent serviceability provided by the new models which have been designed with ease of maintenance in mind. A new drive axle with Kevlar linings means that fewer harmful additives are needed. Low pressure return hydraulic filters, the high pressure hydraulic filter and engine oil filters are all accessible from above to simplify maintenance.

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