02 Feb 2011

Bromma wins major ASC spreader orders in Spain and Abu Dhabi


02.02.2011 – Bromma has been awarded two major new contracts for the supply of all-electric spreaders for use on automated stacking cranes.

This includes an order for 40 GreenLine™ all-electric yard crane spreaders for the new Terminal Catalunya S.A. (TERCAT) facility in Barcelona, Spain. Bromma spreaders will be placed in service on one-over-five automated stacking yard cranes (ASC) to be used at the Muelle Prat container terminal. Terminal Catalunya is part of the Hutchison Port Holdings group. The first group of Bromma all-electrics will be delivered to TERCAT during summer 2011. While this is a new terminal, Bromma has a long history with Terminal Catalunya’ having supplied 70 spreaders to the Spanish terminal operator over the years.

“We are very pleased to have been selected to participate in this important new port development project,” notes Bromma Vice-President and Commercial Director Vikram Raman. “Bromma has a long history of supplying equipment to Terminal Catalunya and we are looking forward, through our all-electric spreader technology, to contributing to very successful operations at Muelle Prat.”

Bromma has also been awarded a major new contract for  34 GreenLine™ YSX45E all-electric yard crane spreaders for the new Khalifa Port in development at Taweelah, Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Bromma spreaders will again be placed in service on the one-over-five automated stacking yard cranes (ASCs) to be used at this terminal.

“Abu Dhabi is a dynamic, growing port, and we are very pleased that Bromma is part of the Middle East port expansion story,” says Vikram Raman. “Bromma has placed a great many of our all-electric spreaders in the United Arab Emirates, one of the important growth stories in container handling.”

Bromma all-electric yard crane spreader orders have been surging, says the company, with other recent orders  including 9 yard all-electrics to Penang Port; 11 yard all-electrics to the Port of Beirut; and 8 yard all-electrics to Ningbo Port, China.

The YSX45E spreaders headed to Terminal Catalunya and Khalifa are the 2nd generation yard all-electrics, introduced by Bromma in 2010 with  several technical enhancements designed to achieve three key benefits:

  • fewer adjustments required to the spreader – thereby improving spreader uptime
  • easier and simpler maintenance – thereby both improving uptime and reducing service technician expense
  • greater overall reliability – thereby improving productivity

Specific design enhancements in the 2nd generation version include:

New twistlock gearbox – brakes and sensor adjustments eliminated

In the new 2nd generation twistlock gearbox the need for motor brakes is eliminated. A friction clutch protects the gearbox should excessive outer forces occur, and there are no adjustable sensors. There are lock/unlock sensors for each twistlock.

Easier to service – easier to access

2nd generation GreenLine™ yard spreaders have additional space in the corner boxes and an improved end beam design, which provides easier access for maintenance staff. Easier access means faster and simpler spreader maintenance, and higher spreader uptime.

Less to do – a non-adjustable twistlock linkage design

Twistlock linkage in these improved spreaders is fixed, eliminating the need for maintenance technicians to perform linkage adjustments. Removing adjustment points minimizes the risk of broken linkages.  On the new 2nd generation GreenLine™ yard spreaders there is less to do.

Optional electric flippers

Optional electric flippers are now available in 2nd generation GreenLine™ yard spreaders. The flipper will always try to keep its down position by using analog sensors to determine if the flipper is forced out of its position, which in turn commands the motor to bring it to a fully down position.  Motor durability is enhanced by a feature which immediately shuts off the current in the event of current peaks. The phase reverser also protects the motor by keeping track of the motor’s on-time.

“The long-term trend in our industry toward a higher degree of automation requires that spreaders have an especially high level of reliability,” notes Vikram Raman. “Second generation Bromma all-electrics deliver this, plus significant environmental and lifecycle cost advantages. ”

According to Bromma, financial advantages of the 2nd generation include:

  • Lower spreader weight, resulting in less crane power consumption and lifetime diesel cost savings of 30,000 Euros
  • As much as 90% lower spreader power consumption when compared with hydraulic yard spreaders, due to the elimination of the idling hydraulic powerpack
  • Major reduction in service points due to the elimination of hydraulic service points (one Bromma terminal customer reports a greater than 60% annual labor and material savings when compared with hydraulic spreaders in their fleet)
  • Higher reliability and spreader uptime due to the elimination of nuisance downtime events associated with spreader hydraulics
  • Lower consumable cost — no oil, no filters, etc.
  • Cumulative lifecycle cost benefits — over the lifetime of a typical Bromma GREENLINE™ spreader, 50%of the original spreader cost should be returned in green cost savings

Environmental benefits include:

  • Lifetime spreader energy consumption reduction of 150,000 kWh – corresponding to 113 tonnes of CO2 emissions per spreader
  • By reducing spreader weight, lifetime reduction in crane power consumption equal to 94 tonnes of CO2 emissions per spreader

This cumulative 200 tonnes in CO2 savings from a single Bromma GREENLINE™ yard spreader is equivalent to driving 1.7 million kilometers in a V70 Volvo sedan – or 42 turns around the globe.


Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Bromma is the world leader in crane spreaders. A pioneer in the container handling industry, Bromma supports container terminals worldwide with the industry’s most reliable and technically advanced spreader family.  Bromma has delivered crane spreaders to 500 terminals in 90 nations on 6 continents, and Bromma spreaders are in service today at 97 out of the world’s largest 100 container ports. Bromma is the industry market leader in ship-to-shore spreaders, mobile harbor crane spreaders, and yard crane spreaders. Bromma R&D engineers are responsible for a long line of industry technical innovations, including all-electric GREENLINE™ spreaders.

Media contact:

Therese Westerudd, Marketing Manager, Bromma Conquip, Stockholm, Sweden.

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