19 Jan 2011

APS Technology provides automation solutions for greenfield TC Buen Terminal in Columbia


19.01.2011 – APS Technology Group, Inc., has announced the award of a terminal-wide automation solutions project for the Terminal de Contenedores de Buenaventura (TCBuen) in Buenaventura, Colombia.  The latest terminal development from global operator TCB of Barcelona, TCBuen is a $250M investment for the first phase of four expected stages, and represents only the second major port on Colombia’s Pacific coast.

APS is the prime contractor managing the turnkey project which will include its full Automated Gate System, STS Crane OCR and its MatchMaker tractor identification solutions for both the STS and RTG cranes.  Also included in the project will be two APS software solutions, X-Clerk and SureStow, as well as a real-time container inventory and Position Determination System (PDS) from Identec Solutions.

APS is responsible for the entire terminal automation project, including the design, hardware, software and services to install and maintain the solution over five years.  TCBuen is relying on APS and its OCR automation solutions given the terminal goals of operating a highly secure and productive operation on a very small terminal footprint.

“TCBuen has a vision to become the premier container facility in the region by combining operational best practices and automation technology wherever possible,” said TCB’s project director Victor Munoz.  “The APS Technology solutions reduce the need for manual intervention at the terminal, increasing data accuracy, productivity and throughput capacity while greatly reducing our risk of smuggling, theft and injuries.”

The Buenaventura port is a strategic enclave for the international shipping lines.  It is located near the Panama Canal, midway between North and South America, and demand on the port is expected to increase with the Panama Canal expansion project.  Set to open in January of 2011, the first year capacity of TC Buen will equal 260,000 TEUs, increasing the total capacity of the Buenaventura port by 30%.

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