18 Mar 2011

ABB first in the world with unmanned STS cranes

18.03.2011 – ABB Crane Systems, together with Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) in Panama, has put the world’s first unmanned STS in commercial production. The remote operation was developed in close cooperation with MIT, which had a team of engineers and operators to test and evaluate the functionality.

The unmanned STS crane was realized as a logical step in ABB’s extensive range of automation solutions for both STS and stacking cranes. This is an excellent example of how one market segment can benefit from progress made in another segment.

The unmanned operation was one important step in a series of development projects targeting STS crane productivity, energy efficiency and driver ergonomics.

Instead of sitting in the cabin attached to the trolley, the crane operator supervises the operation from a remote control station similar to that used for Automatic Stacking Cranes (ASC). For the operator, this means a greatly improved working environment without any stress imposed on his back.

We are pleased to see the new unmanned operation in production and are proud to be the first in the world to deliver the system.

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