PEMA releases global market surveys on port equipment deliveries

January 15, 2015 – The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) has publicly released its l...

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Port Equipment Manufacturers Association welcomes four new members

ZPMC, Nantong Heavy Rainbow Machineries, Spohn + Burkhardt and INTERCON Technical Information System...

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PEMA appoints new Head of Administration

The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) has appointed a new Head of Administration, Mr...

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Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) members agree on governance and roadmap

September 24, 2018 – Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) members agree on governance and...

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PEMA AGM 2019, Amsterdam

19 – 21 February 2019 | Amsterdam PEMA is pleased to announce that its AGM 2019 will take plac...

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Bromma wins contracts for green spreaders in Middle East

01.06.2011 – Bromma has been contracted to supply a total of 50 crane spreaders for port projects in Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, Iran and Israel.  Bromma’s new 2nd generation all-electric spreaders comprise the majority of the new orders.

The largest of these contracts is an order for 13 YSX40E all-electric yard spreaders for Haifa Port Authority in Israel. Further new Middle East all-electric crane spreader orders include contracts for:

  • 6 YSX40E all-electric yard spreaders to the DP World terminal located at Ain Sokhna, Egypt
  • 5 YSX40E all-electric yard spreaders to the APM Terminal facility in Salalah, Oman
  • 5 YSX40E all-electric yard spreaders to Simatech Shipping and Terminals in Iran
  • 6 YSX40E all-electric yard spreaders for the Port of Alexandria, Egypt

In addition to the all-electrics listed above, Bromma has also won new orders for twin-lift separating ship-to-shore spreaders for delivery to Kuwait and Israel. New contracts include:

  • 10 STS45 separating twin-lift ship-to-shore spreaders to the port of Shuaiba, Kuwait
  • 7 STS45 separating twin-lift ship-to-shore spreaders to the port of Ashdod, Israel

Bromma’s 2nd generation yard all-electrics were first introduced by Bromma in 2010. These all-electrics have several technical enhancements designed to achieve three key benefits:

  • fewer adjustments required to the spreader – thereby improving spreader uptime
  • easier and simpler maintenance – thereby both improving uptime and reducing service technician expense
  • greater overall reliability – thereby improving productivity

In addition, the new 2nd generation GreenLine™ yard spreaders have many financial advantages, including:

  • lower spreader weight, resulting in lower crane power consumption and lifetime diesel cost savings of 30,000 Euros
  • as much as 90% lower spreader power consumption when compared with hydraulic yard spreaders, due to the elimination of the idling hydraulic powerpack
  • major reduction in service points due to the elimination of hydraulic service points (one Bromma terminal customer reports a greater than 60% annual labor and material savings when compared with hydraulic spreaders in their fleet)
  • much higher reliability and spreader uptime due to the elimination of nuisance downtime events associated with spreader hydraulics
  • much lower consumable cost — no oil, no filters, etc.
  • tremendous cumulative lifecycle cost benefits — over the lifetime of a typical Bromma GREENLINE™ spreader, fully half of the original spreader cost should be returned in green cost savings

Finally, Bromma 2nd generation GREENLINE™ yard spreaders offer dramatic environmental benefits, including:

  • Lifetime spreader energy consumption reduction of 150,000 kWh – corresponding to 113 tonnes of CO2  emissions per spreader
  • By reducing spreader weight, lifetime reduction in crane power consumption equal to 94 tonnes of CO2  emissions per spreader

Bromma has now delivered more than 1,700 all-electric crane spreaders to terminals around the world.

For more information, please contact:

Therese Westerudd, Marketing Manager, Bromma Conquip, Stockholm, Sweden.

Tel: +468.620.0900