PEMA releases global market surveys on port equipment deliveries

January 15, 2015 – The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) has publicly released its l...

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Port Equipment Manufacturers Association welcomes four new members

ZPMC, Nantong Heavy Rainbow Machineries, Spohn + Burkhardt and INTERCON Technical Information System...

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Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) members agree on roadmap and appoint Chairs and Vice Chairs for the working groups

Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) members agree on roadmap and appoint Chairs and Vice Chair...

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PEMA appoints new Head of Administration

The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) has appointed a new Head of Administration, Mr...

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Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) members agree on governance and roadmap

September 24, 2018 – Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) members agree on governance and...

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Bromma continues to strengthen position in yard spreaders

09.01.2014 – Stockholm-based Bromma today announced a high order intake for the fourth quarter of 2013. The period September – December shows order volumes similar to earlier in the year but the mix between Yard spreaders and STS spreaders was more normal than the order intake mix for the first 8 months of the year. The high share of replacement spreader orders earlier in the year is this period balanced by a high volume of Yard spreaders for both RTG’s and ASC’s. The orders reflect a demand for Bromma products in a variety of regions across the world.

New Order for All-Electric GreenlineTM spreaders:
• An order for 21 YSX40E have been received for PSA Saudi Global Ports in Dammam
• An order have been received for 25 YSX40E for Asya Port, Turkey
• 17 YSX45E have been ordered for Trapac, USA. This is the delivery of spreaders for the second phase of ACS’s going into the terminal.

In addition, the following major orders have been received:
• 14 YSX45E for SNCT, Korea
• 14 YSX40E for Libra Terminals, Brazil
• 10 YSX45E for Port of Oslo, Norway
• 7 YSX40E for MultiRio, Brazil
• 6 YSX45E for SICT in Sydney
• 5 YSX40E for Port of Noire, Rep of Congo
• 5 YSX40E for Port of Douala, Cameroon
• 5 YSX40E for Lagos, Nigeria
• 6 YSX40E for TPS Surabaya Indonesia
• 6 YSX40E for Evergreen, Thailand

New Orders for separating twin spreaders:
• 11 separating twin yard spreaders YTS45 have been ordered for TCP, Brazil. These spreaders will be used in the extension of the terminal to be in operation in Q3 2014. The order for ship-to-shore spreaders for the expansion was received by Bromma earlier this year.

Major orders for separating twin ship-to-shore crane spreaders received:
• 6 STS45 for Port of Houston, USA
• 5 STS45 for SNCT, Korea
• 4 STS45 from PSA Sines, Portugal
• 4 STS45 from Georgia Port, USA
• 4 STS45 from APMT Algeciras, Spain

More than 90% of the spreaders for RTG, RMG and ASC operation from Bromma today are all-electric Greenline spreaders. Due to fewer service points, lighter weight, and the absence of any hydraulics, Bromma all-electric spreaders have higher availability, simplified maintenance requirements, require less power, produce fewer emissions, and offer tough durability.
For more information contact:
Lars Meurling, Vice-President, Marketing, Bromma Conquip
Therese Westerudd, Marketing Manager, Bromma Conquip

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