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Gaussin: New orders for a total of 5.7 million euros

New orders for a total of 5.7 million euros
ATT range: Persero selects LIFT equipment and automatic guiding with Docking Station for its 50 ATT-V4, representing an additional order of 4.9 M€
MTO activity: 0.8 M€ from the Conimast Group and Exo International for offshore

24.07.2013 – GAUSSIN Manugistique announces the signing of an addendum to the contract signed on 1st March 2013 with the State company PT PELABUHAN INDONESIA III (PERSERO), known as PELINDO, for 50 ATT-V4 and 50 Diesel POWER PACKS. PELINDO has decided to equip its 50 ATT-V4 with LIFT© et DOCKING STATION© equipment after successful testing undertaken on GAUSSIN Manugistique’s test track for automatic guiding systems located at Héricourt, France. These options amount to 4.9 M€ in addition to the initial order of 8.3 M€. This represents a total contract of 13.2 M€.

PELINDO had already placed an order with GAUSSIN Manugistique for 50 ATT-V4 and 50 POWER PACKS to equip its new port terminal located in the coastal town of Surabaya in Indonesia. This terminal shall be used for domestic and international container handling, and for international solid bulk cargo.

When signing the contact last March, PELINDO requested testing of automatic navigation with and without drivers before taking a decision concerning equipment for its 50 ATT-V4 with LIFT and DOCKING STATION options. PELINDO was entirely satisfied with the tests and therefore decided to order the LIFT and DOCKING STATION versions with automatic navigation. This new equipment should not have any impact on the planned delivery schedule, which is 5 ATT-V4 per week from 1 October to 31 December 2013.

This order shall contribute to the reputation of GAUSSIN Manugistique’s ATT range in southeast Asia and highlight its technological leadership in the field of port vehicle automation.

The LIFT and DOCKING STATION equipment, a result of the partnership with CEA.

In January 2013, GAUSSIN Manugistique presented its LIFT technology, a new equipment concept for its ATT vehicle, developed as part of the three-year R&D programme initiated in August 2012 with the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

With an innovation such as the ATT LIFT©, transhipment, the burden of the logistics chain since costs and deadlines are increased each time new handling equipment is used, can be avoided. Operations may be performed with the ATT LIFT without requiring the use of equipment such as the  straddle carrier, which is expensive to buy and to use. The ATT LIFT is equipped with an automatic navigation and guiding system for entering and exiting the DOCKING STATION.

The ATT LIFT© is the lightest of all the currently existing equipment on the market. It’s the easiest to use, and also the most economical in its category in terms of purchasing price and operating cost. It can be used with a Diesel POWER PACK but also with FULL ELEC, HYBRID or HYDROGEN Power Packs.

The Bureau Veritas report dated 5 July 2013 shows a saving of 2,372,939 USD per year by replacing the straddle carrier with the ATT LIFT and DOCKING STATION. Among its 17 strong points, the expert indicates the concept provides a general increase in productivity of port terminal operations, and the ATT LIFT with its automated navigation system is the first step towards automating all port operations, with or without a driver.

“We chose the GAUSSIN Manugistique ATT to equip our new port terminal in Teluk Lamong Bay. The ATT in its LIFT and DOCKING STATION version had the advantage of being automated. I think this choice will enable us to make savings on our other investments. In this sense, our port terminal will undoubtedly represent the container terminals of the future”, Husain Latief, Sales Director for PELINDO, explained.

We are pleased and thankful for the trust shown by PELINDO in ordering this new equipment. ATT LIFT performance on our test track at Héricourt confirmed the complete reliability of this innovative equipment developed jointly with the Atomic Energy Commission. This order demonstrates the high added value of the technological options proposed by GAUSSIN Manugistique and confirms our positioning as the key challenger on this huge international market”, declared GAUSSIN Manugistique’s CEO Christophe Gaussin.

New order in the MTO sector
In addition, new orders were placed in the traditional MTO sector for 0.8 M€ by the CONIMAST GROUP and EXO INTERNATIONAL for offshore. This concerns specific highly technical self-propelled vehicles with ATEX certified explosion proof and spark proof systems.

Order Book position on 24 July 2013
The Order Book position at 27.7 million euros on 30 June 2013 gained an additional 5.7 million euros, to reach 33.4 million euros on 24 July 2013.

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