PEMA releases global market surveys on port equipment deliveries

January 15, 2015 – The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) has publicly released its l...

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Port Equipment Manufacturers Association welcomes four new members

ZPMC, Nantong Heavy Rainbow Machineries, Spohn + Burkhardt and INTERCON Technical Information System...

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Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) members agree on roadmap and appoint Chairs and Vice Chairs for the working groups

Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) members agree on roadmap and appoint Chairs and Vice Chair...

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PEMA appoints new Head of Administration

The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) has appointed a new Head of Administration, Mr...

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Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) members agree on governance and roadmap

September 24, 2018 – Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) members agree on governance and...

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Konecranes delivers its first Busbar-powered RTGS to Turkey

18.07.2012 – In June 2012 Konecranes received its third RTG order from Turkey. The order is for eight fully-electric Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes that will be delivered to EVYAP Port, located in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. These will be the first Konecranes RTGs in Turkey powered by a Busbar system, which converts the cranes to fully electric operation. Delivery is scheduled for March 2013. The parties have agreed not to disclose the value of the order.

These Busbar-powered Konecranes RTGs, also equipped with network braking, will reduce energy consumption by up to 60% and reduce local emissions by up to 95%. They will run on electricity drawn from the local grid, not from a diesel generator. They do not use hydraulics. They will be equipped with a full-size diesel generator and Konecranes Diesel Fuel Saver technology in case of electricity blackouts.

EVYAP Port is a forward-thinking port operator that is investing heavily in energy-saving solutions and emphasizing eco-efficient technology in its operations. The container terminal serves the Anatolian side of Istanbul and the regional economy of Kocaeli with its TEU capacity of 615,000.

EVYAP Port selected Konecranes to be its RTG provider due to the eco-efficiency, reliability and quality of the machines as well as Konecranes’ excellent reputation in the container terminal business and strong references worldwide.

“We are very proud that EVYAP Port chose Konecranes when they decided to expand their existing fleet of RTGs. One of the main reasons was that we can adapt our 16-wheel RTG to the existing 8-wheel RTG fleet without additional civil works. EVYAP will get a more stable crane with more productivity and easier operation.

This is an important delivery for Konecranes: it’s our third delivery to Turkey and the first ever Busbar-powered RTGs in Turkey. It will expand our fully-electric RTG fleet in Turkey to 13 units,” says Kim Salvén, Konecranes’ Sales Manager, Port Cranes. “This order is more evidence that customers appreciate the eco-efficiency and performance of our RTGs and overall offering for container terminals, as well as our good reputation.”

The RTG cranes in this delivery have a lifting capacity of 40 tons. They can stack 1-over-6 containers high and 7-plus-truck lane wide.

For more information, please contact:

Kim Salvén, Sales Manager, Port Cranes, Konecranes
Tel:+358 20 427 2552

Investors and Analysts: Miikka Kinnunen, Director, Investor Relations, Konecranes
Tel: +358 20 427 2050