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Port Equipment Manufacturers Association welcomes four new members

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PEMA appoints new Head of Administration

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PEMA AGM 2019, Amsterdam

19 – 21 February 2019 | Amsterdam PEMA is pleased to announce that its AGM 2019 will take plac...

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Bromma wins major order for higher-productivity Tandem™ Spreaders at Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte II

13.06.2012 – Bromma has won a major new contract for the supply of 31 ship-to-shore spreaders for the major new APM Terminals venture at Maasvlakte II in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

A key element of the Maasvlakte II order is that Bromma will be supplying 9 Tandem™ spreaders for phase one of this APM Terminals venture. This order of 9 Tandem™ spreaders will make Maasvlakte II the largest installation of Tandem™ units in the world. In addition, Bromma will be supplying 22 separating twin-lift STS45 crane spreaders for phase one of the terminal.

Bromma designed Tandem™ spreaders as a strategy to boost the productivity of each lift cycle. One way to unload mega-ships is to increase cycle speed. However, historically there are significant hurdles to increasing cycle speed – in particular crane anti-sway issues and drive control issues. Bromma Tandem™ spreaders were designed to twin-lift 40’ or 45’ containers, or simultaneously lift two or four 20’ containers, thereby maximizing the operational impact of each lift cycle. Highly productive and highly versatile, the Tandem™ spreader is a tool to increase the speed of mega-ship turnaround.

The Tandem™ spreaders ordered for APM Terminals will also be supplied with an automated quick-connect plug interface between the spreader and headblock.

“As mega-ships increasingly arrive with very large container loads at terminals of the future, we expect more and more terminals will be looking for handling solutions as productive and versatile as Bromma Tandem™,” says Vikram Raman, Bromma Vice-President and Commercial Director. “The selection of 9 Bromma Tandem™ spreaders for this APM Terminals venture is an important development.”

The 22 STS45 separating twin-lift spreaders headed to Maasvlakte II also represent one of the larger single STS45 orders Bromma has won in recent years. Bromma STS45 spreaders are the container handling industry’s best-selling ship-to-shore spreader due to the inherent productivity and versatility of these proven and durable spreaders.

The Bromma spreaders headed to this APM Terminals venture will also be equipped with Bromma Green Zone™ productivity software, designed to support the adoption of best-in-class maintenance processes and optimize spreader fleet performance. Green Zone™ software is helping terminals reinvent spreader fleet maintenance and repair in a way that will lower spreader fleet downtime.

The spreaders headed to Maasvlakte II will be equipped with Fleet Doctor™, Roadmap™, and Work Order™ applications:

Fleet Doctor™ helps terminals take the guesswork out of diagnostics and repair. Sensors on the spreader function as an early warning system, alerting technicians to future problems, and giving technicians specific diagnostic information so as to reduce return trips to the spreader shop to get tools or parts the technician needs. This in turn will mean fewer spreader change-outs, because repairs will be faster. Fleet Doctor™ delivers early knowledge, identifying early indications of decelerating performance when spreader functions begin to decline. It makes possible early intervention, helping terminals fix spreader functions before they fail.

Roadmap™ analyzes the past performance of the spreader, giving maintenance and operations managers a spreader function history (with the 10 most frequent fault areas), a fleet status evaluation based on spreader KPIs (key performance indicators), and an overall framework for understanding and tracking fleet improvement. Ideal for senior maintenance managers, it “maps” spreader fault history, and provides managers with guidance on how to allocate preventive maintenance time in order to keep spreader fleet faults from re-occurring.

Finally, Work Order™ makes a simple but fundamental change in how maintenance is scheduled.
Day-to-day spreader service assignments are generated based on spreader usage rather than the calendar. This running-hour or cycle-based approach to maintenance planning gives terminals a living service plan that adapts in real time to activity levels in the fleet. Based on spreader usage, and recent spreader fault events or warning triggers, Work Order™ creates daily service priorities, and lets terminals adjust maintenance triggers based on a terminal’s running hour or cycle preferences. Work Order™ is also dynamic, in that the program automatically updates itself to accommodate day-to-day changes in spreader performance, and then adapts service plans accordingly. At container terminals nothing ever goes exactly according to plan. Work Order™ adapts.

“Bromma is extremely pleased to be partnering with APM Terminals in their new venture at Maasvlakte II,” says Per-Anders Holmstrom, President of Bromma. “As the productivity and reliability of the crane spreader is always crucial to operational success, we recognize the important role Bromma plays in this project. This APM Terminal development at Maasvlakte II will be one of the important terminals in Europe for many years to come, and we are delighted to be part of its future.”

The 31 crane spreaders headed to APM Terminals at Maasvlakte II are due to be delivered in 2013, with the terminal fully operational in early 2014.

For more information, please contact:

Lars Meurling, Vice-President, Marketing, Bromma Conquip
Tel: +468.620.0900