Fake Cartier Tank Watches

It was 1983 or 1984 when I bought my first real replica watches; the Fake Cartier Tank Watches Santos. That was of course the square Replica Watches Online in steel with yellow gold lunette and steel bracelet with yellow gold screws. It was hot like hell and became the most copied watch. It was also that watch that made me interested in the history of the brand, since the dealer told me that the design was inspired from the first men’s wristwatch, launched by Cartier in 1904. So you can imagine that it did not take long before I became obsessed with watches in general, especially with Cartier.

Fresh off the release of its sporty Drive de Fake Cartier Tank Watches last year, and the streamlined Extra-Flat version this year, Cartier seems to be having a moment.

The august Parisian jeweler long associated with Art Deco elegance and money-is-no-object opulence, particularly for well-heeled women (hey, Cartier is name-checked by Marilyn Monroe in "Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend"), has become an unlikely darling of the young male watch-geek set, whose tastes typically run to brawny dive watches by Rolex and Omega.

To put things in automotive terms, it is as if Rolls-Royce were suddenly trop chic among the Land Rover crowd.

"The Drive manages to capture the X-factor their other watches were lacking, while still looking distinctly Cartier," said Zach Weiss, 32, the executive editor of the replica watch site Worn & Wound, which caters to stylish young men.

"It’s not a betrayal of their image or a shift in branding; rather, it’s the brand creating a product for the tastes of a newer, younger market," Mr. Weiss added. "The cushion-cased design has the reserved but glamorous notes that are quintessentially Cartier, but with a bolder, more aggressive posture. It’s stylish, masculine and tasteful. It’s a watch you would imagine Ralph Lauren happily including in his line."

Cartier replica is hardly an afterthought in the world of fine timepieces. The venerable French maison, which is owned by the Richemont luxury group and manufactures its watches in Switzerland, has typically been listed as either the second- or third-biggest Swiss watch brand in terms of sales, alongside Omega, behind Rolex.

Indeed, Cartier Replica Watches has been churning out timepieces since World War I, when it introduced the Tank, with its design cues borrowed from the Renault army tank. Seven decades later, Gordon Gekko advertised his Master of the Universe standing by wearing an 18-karat gold Santos de Cartier Galbée in "Wall Street."

Even so, Cartier was not necessarily the first brand opted for by young men wearing untucked oxford shirts carrying Filson bags, particularly since many of its classic models, including the Tank and the Santos — even those in men’s sizes — have become must-haves for female Wall Streeters and fashion editors.